Sofia Nuñez-Morales
"What better way to create engagement by creating content that is worth engaging with?"

Hello, my name is Sofia Nuñez-Morales I started CloseUpCity in 2014. At CloseUpCity we utilize creative thinking and storytelling to create profit for business owners. Our mission is to create a brand experience that is unforgettable through full brand immersion.

Marketers throw around buzz words like engagement, interaction, customer journey, etc.  Most of that means nothing without a narrative that connects to your audience. The ultimate and most ancient customer journey is a narrative. For millennia humans have heard stories through fairytales, folklore, a lullaby, or hot neighbor gossip.
One thing you can count on in an ever-changing world is that a good story never goes out of style.

We want your audiences to start a conversation and think in a new way. All with the ultimate CTA to work with the amazing people that planted that seed in the first place, your business.

What we are best at

Marketing Services


Strategic decisions are the bones to any business. Without strategy, a business is run by lack of strategic thinking which tends to be the whims of the mind and emotions.

Content Creation

Brands are nothing without imagery. Photography is an easy and powerful way to capture the essence of your business. We develop the content that tells your story through photography and graphic design.

Web Design

Showcase your brand with strength as you have never done before. The foundation to a seamless website is a business that truly knows itself inside and out.

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