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Hello, my name is Sofia Nuñez-Morales I started CloseUpCity in 2013 which focused solely on creative people and performing artists. We did networking events in Chelsea, we had weekly performances in the West Village, we even had a pop-up NYC summer film festival. As inspiring as creative people are, it was limiting and not my truth. 


As a creative person who is inspired by so many people I meet in the big apple, and all over the world, it was important to capture a larger audience. CloseUp City has now relaunched in 2019 with creative content consultant services. I also dive deep into everyday life and inspiration on the CloseUp Podcast.

We utilize creativity and storytelling to create profit for business owners. Our mission is to inspire and utilize everyone's inner creative side to generate a much-needed spark in your business and personal life.



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You need a lot of content and we are here to solve that problem. The process of our Creative Director Sofia Nuñez-Morales



I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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